Church Clocks & Domestic clocks 

      Conservation & restoration work recently done.

All Domestic clock work undertaken
After cleaning
Our Domestic Clock Workshop
Fault Finding
Ultrasonic cleaning. 
       Before & after. 
Gents synchronous movement Restored
Dial Restoration
We Fabricate Ratchets ,Gears etc.
 Full restoration done
New universal joints fabricated
Overhauls & Restorations undertaken
Unusual restoration projects undertaken
Weathervane Design & Fabrication
Servicing to ALL Turret Clocks 
   House Clock   Instalations

Fully Restored in August                2018

Fault rectified & Serviced in 2018

 Project for restoration march 2018

 Full service and repaired in 2019

Autowind cut-out with emergercy overide breaker. 2019

Lantern restoration 2020

      With my own creative design.

Bespoke Fabrications

 Long lasting double thick 23.8 ct gold leaf is used on all dials giving a good 30 year + life.

     Movement and dial restoration. 2020

Adjustable leading off rod support. Designed and built by H.E.S.
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